Love Speaks

An early marriage had turned me in to a disappointed and dejected person. A kind of callous mentality slowly developed in me. But I won’t blame Sunanda, my wife for it. She was a sweet person, from anybody`s point of view. But not mine. !! My mind was still meandering on Saakshi .Our get togetherness, her modern outlook, behavior sweetness and above all her splendid looks. `Wow what a delectable beauty! I couldn`t get over that experience. I was so madly in love with her.

But something snapped somewhere .I still couldn’t understand what went wrong between us .Why it all ended so abruptly? Or did it end at all. Now sitting in this lonely large house, I ruminated all those past wonderful happenings in my mind.

Saakshi was my junior at the College in Bengaluru. I was doing my final year post graduation there. Saakshi was a sophomore there. I met her accidently, when she was at her wit`s end with some mocking seniors. Her vulnerability made me run to her rescue.

“Ankith, you keep away from this. “Some showoff shouted at me. I lost my temper then “warning me? How dare you”. I over reacted and my friends came to my rescue. We were a popular` Gang of Five`. We were also known as “Famous Five` `in connection with the famous author Enid Blyton `s novel on famous five.

Saakshi`s tormentors dispersed off with another round of warning. I warded it off and walked towards Saakshi and she introduced herself. “I am Saakshi, from Delhi. Just joined here today. I am so grateful towards you for saving me. May I know your name please?” Time stood still for me as I searched her lovely looks. Seemed God had really taken special care and attention while creating her. Because she was simply perfect. Her mellifluous voice penetrated my inner being. A sensational situation.I didn’t hear her asking me my name.